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Aha (stylized as aha) is a Telugu content OTT platform launched on the 25th of March, 2020, owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited. With about a million users monthly, aha has shown why it ranks high for Telugu language content. To watch new movies online, especially when it comes to Telugu movies, aha is a go-to for everyone out there. With the user-friendly interface, aha has a range of classic to latest Telugu films to be watched online falling under different genres.

Telugu movies and web series have always been the talk of the town for the rich and promising content they offer to their audience. They never disappoint their viewers and are always top-notch. From acting to cinematography, Tollywood excels in everything.

However, with the current situation of the pandemic where social distancing and lockdowns are turning into norms, it seems challenging to watch new movies. Never mind, with OTT platforms, one can watch the latest movies online at their comfort. They can continue spreading fun and keeping entertainment along with ensuring everybody’s safety and health care. Being one such platform, Aha is committed to entertaining its users by being concerned about their likes and wants. Watch new movies online, i.e., Watch comedy movies online, have fun, go for a romantic film, and have quality time. Find everything on aha.

A movie for all- Mail

116 minutes long, Mail is a comedy movie written and directed by UdayGurrola. Released on the 12th of January 2021, the film revolves around a village boy, Ravi, who has a keen interest in computers. He borrows an amount from a local money lender to fund his expenses to learn computers for his good. However, he falls prey to a fraudulent email which is about a lottery of Rs.2 Crores. Another email asking for Rs. 1 Lakh to claim the lottery amount is received. Ravi and his friend take a loan from the moneylender again to pay the said amount. However, after receiving no reply even though they paid Rs.1 Lakh, they become tense and share with the moneylender the whole story and ask for some more time to repay the amount. The moneylender believes and grants the time. However, knowing that the email was fake, Ravi and his friend go into shock. The following events are hilarious in their way, rolling the dice in favor of Ravi and friends. The moneylender falls prey to his foolishness. The actors of the film have entered the skin of the characters. The movie is sure a package of entertainment for all and will hurt your bellies hard.

To sum up, aha is the OTT platform you were looking for to watch comedy movies online or any genre movie for that matter. With a device and an internet connection, you are all ready to enjoy and watch comedy movies or watch thriller movies or whatever you are looking for. Aha users can find plenty of free Telugu movies online, and by subscribing, they open more doors to entertainment for themselves.

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